Customer Focus

Do our customers’ interests coincide with the interests of Delta Lloyd Group? We think they do. Customers want simple, clear and affordable products and services, which genuinely help them. A company can only be successful if it meets these wishes and this is why we put the customer’s interest first.

We also recognise that we do not have a monopoly on wisdom, and that our customers carry responsibility too. We therefore invite them to be critical at the right time. It is not for nothing that we chose this as the theme of our campaign: if you buy a financial product, you need to give the matter careful thought.

Delta Lloyd Group is seeking to improve its products and services even further by putting customer interest and simplicity at the heart of all its processes, products and communications. All products are reviewed and assessed for their added value to the customer. The Customer-Focused Insurance Quality Label stipulates that insurers must have a product approval process, involving a careful assessment of the risks and compliance with such aspects as duty of care to the customer. The criteria are: cost-efficient, useful, safe and understandable. These criteria have been laid down by the AFM in policy rules.

'Customer Focus' is a group-wide theme that affects all parts of the business. For this reason, the projects in this context have been brought together in a single integrated programme. We have identified four priorities: products, services, advice and organisational control. The programme is targeted at short-term actions, structural changes in products and processes, and employee behaviour throughout Delta Lloyd Group.

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