ABN AMRO Insurance

Delta Lloyd Group and ABN AMRO Bank concluded an insurance joint venture in 2003. This joint venture – ABN AMRO Insurance – combines the best of two worlds: the insurance expertise of the Delta Lloyd Group and the strong brand name and distribution power of ABN AMRO Bank.

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ABN AMRO Insurance services the consumer and commercial markets in the Netherlands and offers a wide range of insurance products: life insurance, general insurance, income insurance and pensions. ABN AMRO Insurance sells its policies through the local branches of ABN AMRO Bank, as well on the Internet, through ABN AMRO Bank's call centre and subsidiary company Florius .

What is ABN AMRO Insurance?

As we are a bank-insurer, we can offer our customers both banking and insurance products. So a customer who comes to ABN AMRO Insurance for a mortgage can also arrange house contents insurance and term life insurance at the same time. In this way, ABN AMRO Insurance provides a comprehensive range of financial products.

ABN AMRO Insurance supplies the following through ABN AMRO Bank:

• car insurance
• business interruption insurance
• occupational disability insurance
• legal expenses insurance
• life insurance
• pension insurance
• residential premises insurance
• house contents insurance
• third-party liability insurance
• travel insurance
• cancellation insurance


Working for ABN AMRO Insurance?

ABN AMRO Insurance has a staff of about 650. It is based in Zwolle (in the IJsseltoren office block beside the A28 motorway). Working for ABN AMRO Insurance means working for a large and ambitious insurer. ABN AMRO Insurance serves more than one million customers through the bank's distribution network.


Press questions?

For questions about insurance products, please contact ABN AMRO (link naar pressroom ABN AMRO). For other questions, you can contact Michel Stiekema, ABN AMRO Insurance spokesperson.
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