Corporate Governance

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Corporate governance ensures the sound management of the company's affairs. Delta Lloyd Group ensures a good, efficient and responsible management of the company, while safeguarding the rights of all stakeholders. Delta Lloyd Group applies Dutch corporate governance code.


The governance model and the related policy framework established by the Executive Board are key building blocks of Delta Lloyd Group's corporate governance. Read more

  • Delta Lloyd
    Ranks no. 2
    Sustainable Insurers

    Research firm Sustainalytics ranked Delta Lloyd Group no. 2 out of a global peer group of 141 insurers. To news report

  • Publication
    Full Year Figures
    20 February 2014

    On the 20th of February Delta Lloyd published her full year results 2013. Via the below link all relevant information can be found. Read more

  • Annual report
    Available online

    3 April 2014 Delta Lloyd published its integrated financial and sustainability report for 2013. The annual report is in English, while a Dutch summary is also available. See the report